REAL ESTATE Would you like to increase sales by showing your client “the big picture”?


What could make a bigger impact on your buyer than to be able to see the “big picture”?  Whether you want to highlight a house and its yard or display the whole neighborhood, your client will appreciate seeing the complete package you have to offer. 

If you have several listings in one neighborhood, imagine the advantage of showing your buyer an aerial photograph that lets them see their choices of locale.  They will appreciate being able to make more informed decisions about their new home.


Farms and ranches are especially well suited to benefit from the aerial perspective.  Your buyer will see the complete layout of the estate in one picture and immediately recognize the potential of the property. And your client will appreciate the singularly unique service you have provided them.


Entire commercial and industrial complexes can be showcased from the air.  We take dozens of photo’s from different aerial perspectives to show your property to its best advantage.  Building layout, access, parking, utilities and all the outside features important to your buyer will be displayed so your buyer can make intelligent choices based on the pictures you will show them.  This kind of service to your client is invaluable.

We at Madsen Aerial Imaging take a personal interest in your real estate needs and we want to meet with you and discuss how we can best serve you.

Our success depends upon your success.

We value your business and we’ll go to great heights to get it!


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