SITE PLANNING AND DESIGN – Did you know that aerial photography can assist you with site development from preliminary planning to construction and marketing?

It is absolutely essential to be able to envision the overall development of a site during the preliminary planning phase.  Madsen Aerial Imaging can provide you with the perfect tool for doing that. Our photographs are not the flat, one-dimensional aerial photographs you may be accustomed to seeing.  We offer photographs that give you depth and perspective.  It’s called “oblique aerial photography”.  Your property is captured at an angle that gives you a sense of 3-dimensional depth.  This allows you to see, not only distances between objects, but also relative height.  Objects on the ground, such as power poles, signs, and telephone pedestals, are more visible.  You get a better feel for your planned construction and the surrounding area.


Construction management is enhanced when it can be accurately monitored with sequential photographs from the air.  The cost is more reasonable than you may think for regular flyovers, and the potential savings resulting from more efficient construction monitoring may far outweigh that.  The sequential pictures are also a great marketing device for construction companies.

Once an industrial complex is completed, Madsen Aerial Imaging can help you market available space with attractive aerial photographs of the development.  With graphic design software, we can even highlight the specific lots you are offering as well as label thourofaires, list trafic counts, and show demographics.  With Madsen Aerial Imaging anything is possible.

As a dynamic company, Madsen Aerial Imaging is anxious to work with you on your site development projects from planning to marketing.  Your success is our business.

We value your business and we’ll go to great heights to get it!


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